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Antichthones 2
Video, color, 1'25'' loop, silent, 2012

Using vintage film techniques from the period 1930-1960, the characters in this series of video loops are placed in front of a large studio screen where settings taken from existing cinema are projected. This mise-en-scene is then re-filmed to create the illusion of a continuous space. The exposure of this gimmick in front of the viewer reveals a mise en abyme of the cinema theatre. It brings attention to the mechanics of immersion and distance that take place in our everyday relation to images. The characters trapped in these fictional spaces mirror the polarity that exists between the contradictory worlds of reality and fiction. The subjects in the work could be seen as “antichthones“ : inhabitants of an antipodean pole or planet, that according to theories of antiquitiy, allow for the equilibrium that is essential to our world.