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Camera 1, Plan 8
3D video animation, 16/9 color 6'00" loop with audio, 2008

Camera 1 Plan 8 produces a displacement, in all senses of the word. The video presents a progression gliding above the moving surface of a 3D ocean.

The movement reproduced on this space is the visual field of the camera from The Rope (Hitchcock 1948), which was shot by one consistent camera motion. Particularly, this piece reconstitutes the camera movement from a scene where the lens meanders through the empty set of the apartment while

the voice-over of a character stipulates about how the murder could have been committed here before.

The soundtrack of the piece plays with that voice over mixed with the noises from the set (such as footsteps and doors), and the dramatic music which opens and closes the film. We find ourselves caught within that doubly abstract movement, isolated from his narrative reference, and projected in an empty environment that can welcomes its carefully

designed hazards.