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Everytime I thought of the script #2
Artist book, 15 color pages 11.5x18cm, 2006

Alberto Moravia’s novel Le Mépris (Il Disprezzo, 1954) is revisited by splicing certain parts of the text. Eliminating the intrigue and dialogue, the piece concentrates on the imaginary geographical map

of the protagonists and their deplacements within this space of Capri and Villa Malaparte.

Also highlighted are the moments within the narrative that remain the most open : a moment that calls for an addition, a yesterday, a tomorrow, a possibility,

a doubt. All that remains from the original text is the virtuality, the silence and moments of thought, which are organized in different settings using variety of blues to illustrate the different levels of reading within the text. This composes something of the semblance of the ocean : a space close to a pure trajectory, without a landmark or a beacon to be seen.