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The Clock Analogy
Video HD, color, 24’00’’ loop with audio, 2013

This video is built in two twelve minutes sections which mirror each other. The eye of the camera travels among landscapes from all over the world
and of each different season. These scenes are displays from the American Museum of Natural History of New York in which every leaf and stone
has been carefully modelled, painted and lit.
The sequences of visual wandering through these ultra realistic natural settings are punctuated with a caption text that develops forward and then backward. It evokes the different geological eras of our planet, from its creation until today.
This scientific “clock analogy” that compares geological eras to the 12 hour clock dial disturbs our intuitive linear temporal perspective and the common idea of our place on Earth. This virtual wandering through our planet’s spaces and times unfolds and wraps, without any human presence other than the conscience which wanders in it.