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Gorgon Gnomon
Installation, 1 video projection 1080x1080px, 2 flat screen TVs, quadraphonic audio, 2015

This multi-screen video installation is composed of
a centrally hung projection screen. A hypnotic figure appears and cues a circular movement of light that evokes the sun’s revolution, although in the video it rotates a full 360° around the imaginary sundial which is impossible in reality. The feeling of vertigo is increased by the rotation of the spatialized audio tracks on the four corners of the space. On two flat screens TVs, which are vertically hung on a wall, another movement of lights and shadows operates. The origin of these images are a group of antique funeral vases filmed in an Athenian museum with a new moving light setting. The strangely geometric object filmed from different point of views on the central screen is a vase’s cover in the form of Medusa head, in the antique archaic representational mode of the gorgon. With this new project realised with museum’s collections, antiquities are transfigured into the realm of the fantastic with a simple in-situ re-setting that reveals their cosmic and atemporal dimensions.

exhibitions views : ©photo-RaphaelleMueller