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Igneous Rocks
Photo series, framed color lambda print, 80x100cm, 2013

These images were shot by the artist in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Greek and Roman antiquity rooms where she translated the surfaces
of ancient relics into topography by playing with framing. Shooting across one sculpture’s surface
and into a museum spotlight created the effect of
a sunset for her photo series Igneous Rocks (2013). No one would describe these images as documentary, although the artist has, in effect, simply photo-
graphed artefacts and though these bodies are made to recall landscapes, they are, in fact, representations of mythology divinities (Venus Genetrix, Apolo Lykeios, Persephone). Her use of proximity and cropping obscures as much information as it magnifies, giving a detailed but biased
representation of her subjects. With these images, Tampon-Lajarriette equates the mysterious nature
of these antiquities to the unknowable nature of
the universe itself.