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Îles / elles
Video, 16/9 black and white 10'52" with audio, 2010

An enigmatic figure is wandering through deserted island landscapes. His comings and goings appear as though collaged upon the surface of these images ; island settings from movies where characters lost themselves once upon a time (Stromboli, Rossellini, 1950 and L’Avventura, Antonioni, 1960).

The ambulant figure is clearly on a different image register than the landscape ; this register suggests another world that could be the viewer’s, rather than the protagonist’s of the historical films.

The figure is plunged, encrusted in these imaginary spaces ; all that survives from the original narration is wandering and the memory of the set. These virtual wanderings are an invitation to the spectator to inhabit and lose himself in the images of his own mental spaces.