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video composite, full HD, coulour, 3’00’’ loop, stereo audio, 2017
compositing : studio DH3D / acknowledgements : Nelly Haliti and Istituto Svizzero di Roma

In the video Lacrimosa the camera is turning around an ivory mask from the Hellenistic period, exhibited in a museum display glass. The face stands out from the obscurity of the room, showing its two sides and the depth of its eyes sockets, from where virtual tears are falling. Inspired by the omnipresence of fountains in the city of Roma, a sign of power that showed Roman's ability to manage water since Antiquity, this video is also referring to miraculous crying icons pouring tears of blood, water or oil.
The origin and history of this mask are adding another scope to this aquarium full of virtual tears. Indeed, the mask, sculpted in an elephant tusk during the 1st century before JC, has been stolen in 1994 and after a long inquiry among illegal traffic rings, the police has just recovered it.