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The Footbridge
2 channels video installation, black and white 6’00’’ loop silent, 2007

La Passerelle is a concrete materialization of the link between two films, which are split in time periods : Prima della rivoluzione (Before Revolution)

by Bertollucci, 1963 and Les amants réguliers (Regular Lovers) by Garell, 2005. These are two love stories with a basis in the social revolts of the 1960s, where the young main characters are full of idealism. Two similar seduction scenes are extracted from the two films, where the main female characters are gazing at their respective lovers.

The projections are installed face-to-face, as though the two gazes are turned around to the other character. As the films are slowed down, we find ourselves in a moment suspended between stillness and movement. Their gazes first avoid each other, glimpse each other, cross, and finally meet.