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The Harmonists
Video animation installation, colour loops, 5 tv monitors column, 5 audio tracks, 2015

Floating in an indeterminate space like impossible soap bubbles or unknown celestial bodies, the Platonic solids appears in an infinite rotation. The five well known regular polyhedrons can be find in different aspects of Nature’s geometry (crystals, virus) but also in numerous scientific and mystical theories. The soapy texture evokes the mathematical and physical experiences on optimal forms made in the 30’s with soap films and ephemeral structures. The title of this piece refers to the originally Pythagorician theory that consider the entire Universe to be a perfect harmony of whole numbers interconnected with sounds and planet’s movements. Kepler, one of the many inheritor of the “Harmony of the Spheres” theory, invented a solar system model based on the five embedded platonic polyhedrons. Here, the installation’s five audio tracks are inspired by Kepler’s planetary scale where each of the planets know at his time were assigned a melody depending on her rotation’s speed and orbit.

exhibition views : ©jeromemichel