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Metamorphic Rocks
Photo series, framed color lambda print, 100x125cm, 2013

The images of Metamorphic Rocks series, with subheads such as (Hellenistic, late 4th or 3rd century B.C. ) or (Flavian period, A.D. 68-98), are black-and-white photographs that conjure planetary landscapes, their textured surfaces suggesting a rough, worn terrain. They were shot by the artist in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Greek and Roman antiquity rooms where she translated the surfaces of ancient relics into topography by playing with framing, focusing in tightly on the slope of a figure’s head and the mass of curls depicted, or a worn eye socket that resembles the site of a crater’s impact. Her use of proximity and cropping obscures as much information as it magnifies, giving a detailed but biased representation of her subjects.
Tampon-Lajarriette further heightens the surreal, astronomic quality of some of this imagery by applying a stereoscopic effect; the slight blurring and red-green visual treatment associated with three-dimensional vision and science-fiction films. With these images, Tampon-Lajarriette equates the mysterious nature of these antiquities to the unknowable nature of the universe itself.