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Series of 13 images, color inkjet print mounted on dibond, 67.5x120cm, 2012

A mysterious community survey large, obscure rooms. Groping, they try to orientate themselves with flashlights. The site is a museum, rediscovered from its hidden side as a place of invisibility and the unknown. During the period between two expositions, while its doors are closed, a few nocturnal surveyors are smuggled into this moment of latency and sleep ; into these dark rooms that turn into a collective mental labyrinth. The images of the series MoCLT (acronym for an imaginary museum linked to occultism and modern art) are created from a performance made at night in Mamco - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Geneva. Three infrared cameras continuously filmed this fifty minute night tour, where the artist spoke of the invisible and haunting aspects of art works met en route.
The series MoCLT constitutes a selection of thirteen images captured in the flow of these infrared cameras: ambiguous traces of a moment linked with darkness, visible failure, and pregnant with the ghosts of the collective imagination.