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Enantiomorphic Monument
Photo diptych, 2 colour flags of 230x150 cm, 2015

This diptych is closely linked with my recent works, which revisit Greek antiquities through a fantastical aesthetic, using museum’s collections and their lighting in unexpected ways. The image for this project is from a bronze sculpture from 340 BC found in the Athens National Archeological Museum. Its arm was holding an object, which is now lost, thus making it impossible to identify the statues. It could be the mythological figure of Perseus, that holds the Gorgon Medusa’s head in his hand, or it could also be the representation of Paris holding the golden apple of discord. As the object in the hand is lost, the finger’s contraction towards an unknown item now only indicates our ignorance. I aim to work with the image of absence and loss as emblems of our eternal dissatisfaction in the research of a more complete understanding of our world. Whereas the museum light’s function is to make visible the precious patrimony we preserve, they are here transformed into unknown stars that remain unattainable for the not-totally-human hands that are reaching out to it.