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Natura Naturata
Video, color, Full HD, 8’30’’, stereo audio, 2018

With this new film, the artist continues to unfold her body of works held in the context of Art, Archeology or Natural History Museums, where their visitors and their collections are moved to another genre often inspired by Sci-Fi or Fantasy. In Natura Naturata, she filmed a pluri-generational group of gymnasts in the Museum of Natural History of Geneva, moving and resting among the collections of crystals, animals and corals. In the soundtrack composed by Leo Hofmann, voices are whispering or singing fragments of the text Monadology and Sociology by 19th century french philosopher and sociologist Gabriel Tarde. So the film proposes to give an unstable shape and rhythm to this Tarde conception of the « universal phenomena across cosmic, natural and social worlds » where « the whole is always smaller than its parts ».

Camera : Gabriel Bonnefoy I Lights : Gabriel Bonnefoy, Sylvain Froidevaux I Music : Leo Hofmann I Vocals : Leo Hofmann, Filomena Krause & Marion Tampon-Lajarriette I Gymnasts : FSG Gymnastique Lancy & guests I Acknowledgements : Nicole Kunz I Co-production : Ville de Lancy, Museum of Natural History of the city of Geneva