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Stencils series on collage, diptych of 210 x 220 cm each
and others of variable dimensions, 2015/2016

Polychoras : from Ancient Greek πολύς (polús, “many,much”) and χώρος (khṓros, “room”) (mathematics) : A four-dimensional polytope

Inside the negative space of the tracings of four dimensional forms, one can perceive fragments of texts and images belonging to the astrophysics books that are the basis of these stencils. The heterogeneous black spray painting partially covers the rest of the elements, revealing some titles of the chapters about stars and eclipses as well as smaller captions that we find in each stencil subtitle: “le relief par les ombres” (relief through shadows), “entrevues à la seule faveur des eclipses” (only glimpsed with the presence of eclipses).

exhibition views : © Hugard & Vanoverschelde