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Times Floor
Video & sound installation, 1080x1080 px projection, audio surround 5.1, 15’00’’ loop, 2013

This project was made in collaboration with the dancer and choreographer Rocio Molina.

The video projection on the floor figures a vibrating luminous environment such as a night club that also evoke nebula and cosmic dust phenomenon.
The silhouette of Rocio Molina appears, improvising
a rhythmic dance to the relatively slow tempo of metronomes, which beat every few seconds.
The dancer uses her entire body and elements around her as instruments in order to create more and more complex rhythmic levels inside this regular temporal frame. Through the various speakers installed in the four corners of the room, the invisible omnipresence of metronomes conducts the movements of both her body and lights. The video is projected in an infinite rotation movement and, together with the spatialized audio, make it impossible to have any fixed point of reference. The whole installation constitutes a kind of possible dance floor, open to the spectator’s movements within it.